Russel Williams Funeral

Russel’s funeral took place on Thursday 19th April, 2.20pm at Peel Green Crematorium in Eccles Manchester. The day was well attended with people travelling far and wide to share the occasion.
A funeral reception was held at The Manchester Centre for Buddhist Meditation  in Chorlton-cum-Hardy with refreshments and the sharing of thoughts and memories.
In the evening there was open house at the society’s premises at Grosvenor Square, Sale.
The funeral service was hosted by Ken Garrod.
Steve Taylor gave a brief account of Russel’s life and Paul Shambrook gave his personal recollection of Russel.
Chrstine Johnson sang  a song of her own composition  in memory of Russel and Marie Leinhardt performed a piece  on the concert harp.
The ceremony was concluded by a reading of the Metta Sutta by Sarah Nicolas.
Russel and Joyce requested donations in lieu of flowers  be made to St Ann’s Hospice.


Russel passed away peacefully at 9:20pm  on Monday 9th April.

He had been in St Anne’s hospice since April 3rd and was extremely well cared for.  Soon after he moved to the hospice his condition declined.

During his days in the hospice, when awake, he was mentally alert and was fully aware of the love and good will which was being shared with him.

And he was constantly sending his love to all.

Russel retires from open meetings

In the last few weeks Russel’s heart has been under some stress, and he has  sustained a deterioration in his energy levels. He feels, with regret, that he is very unlikely to regain the physical capacity required to lead the meetings at Sale. His medical regime will now be one of palliative care as required, and he will be receiving outreach services from the nearby hospice.

Russel feels the Buddhist society  community is very important, and he is pleased to hear that meetings are continuing to be well attended, and that the special quality which arises when people meet together in quiet openness is always there to be experienced, and to nurture and support each and every participant.

He asks that we always remember two key aspects :

Firstly, not to worry too much about anything which is written, but to always try to express that which is known by direct experience, and this will result in it having the quality of being authentic and truthful to others.

Secondly not to be concerned too much about the “big things” but to attend to the seemingly unimportant – the daily,  apparent trivia of life such as doing housework or handling things on an everyday basis, and to give these things full attention and care in the moment of their use . In this way gradually it will be seen that everything is One and not separate.

He hopes he may be able to make one last visit to give his thanks and say goodbye to people, but will have to see how things go in the short-term regarding his physical capacity. Both he and Joyce are grateful for the messages of love and good wishes, and send their love to all.

A photo of Russel, taken at home in the last few days,


Shrine Room Blessing

The refurbishment of the shrine room is nearing completion and to mark the occasion a small gathering was held there on Saturday 14th October.

Ajahn Karuniko very kindly attended and conducted a short blessing. Russel Williams also attended and joined with Ajahn Karuniko in giving dhamma talks for those present. Also, there was a presentation of gifts to Ian, Pip and Dan in appreciation for their work in remodelling the shrine room with such skill and care.
Many thanks to everyone who so generously supported the project with donations of money, skills, time and care.

Food was offered for the bhikkhu and afterwards for the assembled company.