2008 Transcripts

2008 05 14

Awareness within groups; The experience of birth; Consciousness and the body; God; Death and Ageing; Sense of Self; Shared nature of consciousness; Excellence of the Buddha; Teaching through rapport & transmission of experience; Nature of Sangha

2008 05 21

Wellbeing; Consciousness as distinct from “I”; The unmanifest and God; Importance of examining experience; Metta embracing the eightfold path; The unborn; Truth of experience; Absorption and unity; Emotion and Knowing; Unsatisfactoriness of things; Marks of progress; Sharpening awareness; Causes of contentedness; Effects of our states on others and the reverse; Karmic wheel; Importance of humour.

2008 06 09

Buddhism, Buddhist belief versus Way of the Buddha; Christianity, Jesus and the Christ Spirit; Illusion of posessions; Visit by bhikkus; Consciousness, intelligence and instinct; Consciousness as witness to the conditioned; Biblical Genesis and universality of spirit; Living in feeling; Meeting Ajahn Sudhiro; Relationship to Sangha; RW’s method.

2008 06 23

Gurdjieffian movement, walking meditation, yoga; Relaxing; Experience of worlds, manifest and unmanifest; Insubstantiality of ‘self’; Giving people full attention and dealing with superficiality; The spoken word and the written word; Group rapport; Dr Jill Bolte Ted Talk; Mantras, meditation, absorption and emptiness; Guided meditation; Recognition of negative traits as a positive result of sharpened awareness.

2008 07 07

Tree of Life, Sephiroth, triangles and triads; Subtle feelings and the intangibility of sense of self; Not this, but not other than this; Humility; ‘I’ and ‘self’ as different; Loneliness; Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor; experiencing the five aggregates (Skhandas); observing ‘grasping’; Unified nature of consciousness; Akashic record; Not I not other than I; Habits of the body; Living in the present and experiencing things in depth; The Snow Goose; Tenacity of life.

2008 07 14

Awareness of grasping and the importance of well being; Value of cultivating well being; Consciousness not founded in the physical; Not trying to change things

2008 07 28

Peace and unease; Being quiet; Experience of mediation retreats; The middle way and grasping and aversion; Affecting the karma of others; Death; Being normal; Difference between animals and humans; Meat eating and animal welfare; Euthanasia; Bereavement; Creativity and spirituality; Spiritual children and brothers and sisters.

2008 09 01

Supporting others by listening; No more food; Reducing suffering; Unnecessary thinking; Ego arising on attachment to experience; Consciousness is what you are; Shared consciousness; Experience is always new;  “What do I really want out of life?”; Handling things with care;  You are your own creator.

2008 09 15

Being present helps others; Eating for health; Dreams, deep sleep, other realms; Living in Being is transformative; Wellbeing is the key; What we give is what we receive; Give and life flows through you; Be light-hearted to be open; Consciousness knows qualities only; A compassionate act; Being is always becoming; Thinking is never in the Now; Emptiness and “teaching”; Patience; A bathroom insight; Emptiness invites Spirit; The Deathless; Spirit and manifestation; Communion; Evolution of Spirit; Intellect and practice; Metta.

2008 09 22

A well rounded person noti nterested in spirituality; Scientists examine consciousness; Noting the after effects of meditation dissipated by intellectual chat; ‘Being’ more important than ‘knowledge’; Becoming and falling away; Six halves of a whole; Companions on the path; Being empty and open; Gradual approach to cultivating an empty peaceful mind; Trusting the empty mind; Consciousness is not conditioned; Observer is not the conditioned; Separation of consciousness from the body experienced through unity; Realisation is experienced not known; Importance of group rapport; Concentration, gathering senses inwardly, unity; ‘Not a bird falls from the bush’; Greater consciousness; Genesis, Buddhist notion of becoming and contemporary physics are all in agreement; Brilliance of the Buddha’s analysis of the human condition; Spontaneity ; Allowing flow and letting go of ideas; Emotional uplift mistaken as spirituality; Religious rigidity is harmful; Realisation of suffering is spur to progress; “There are but few people with little dust in their eyes”; Large Hadron Collider experiment; Futility of looking for first causes; Trust is basis of money; Becoming ;Joy, happiness and the unconditioned; Benefits of work involving animals and nature and simpler life; Charity and dignity; Different classes of societies; Money ; Order and hierarchy; Recognising opportunity; Never too old.