Russel passed away peacefully at 9:20pm  on Monday 9th April.

He had been in St Anne’s hospice since April 3rd and was extremely well cared for.  Soon after he moved to the hospice his condition declined.

During his days in the hospice, when awake, he was mentally alert and was fully aware of the love and good will which was being shared with him.

And he was constantly sending his love to all.

Shrine Room Blessing

The refurbishment of the shrine room is nearing completion and to mark the occasion a small gathering was held there on Saturday 14th October.

Ajahn Karuniko very kindly attended and conducted a short blessing. Russel Williams also attended and joined with Ajahn Karuniko in giving dhamma talks for those present. Also, there was a presentation of gifts to Ian, Pip and Dan in appreciation for their work in remodelling the shrine room with such skill and care.
Many thanks to everyone who so generously supported the project with donations of money, skills, time and care.

Food was offered for the bhikkhu and afterwards for the assembled company.