Russel retires from open meetings

In the last few weeks Russel’s heart has been under some stress, and he has  sustained a deterioration in his energy levels. He feels, with regret, that he is very unlikely to regain the physical capacity required to lead the meetings at Sale. His medical regime will now be one of palliative care as required, and he will be receiving outreach services from the nearby hospice.

Russel feels the Buddhist society  community is very important, and he is pleased to hear that meetings are continuing to be well attended, and that the special quality which arises when people meet together in quiet openness is always there to be experienced, and to nurture and support each and every participant.

He asks that we always remember two key aspects :

Firstly, not to worry too much about anything which is written, but to always try to express that which is known by direct experience, and this will result in it having the quality of being authentic and truthful to others.

Secondly not to be concerned too much about the “big things” but to attend to the seemingly unimportant – the daily,  apparent trivia of life such as doing housework or handling things on an everyday basis, and to give these things full attention and care in the moment of their use . In this way gradually it will be seen that everything is One and not separate.

He hopes he may be able to make one last visit to give his thanks and say goodbye to people, but will have to see how things go in the short-term regarding his physical capacity. Both he and Joyce are grateful for the messages of love and good wishes, and send their love to all.

A photo of Russel, taken at home in the last few days,